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About Freeway Holidays South Africa
Freeway Holidays is the only dedicated global wholesale travel company in Southern Africa. Serving over 60 000 resorts across more than 180 countries, Our unique blend of competitive pricing, global connections and innovative technology allow us to galvanise professionals in the travel industry and permit customers to benefit from our rapid growth and the opportunity it offers. We continue to make large investments in our online infrastructure in order to remain at the cutting-edge of technology . This ensures that our systems are as efficient and user friendly as possible while offering a range of options to suit the specific needs and business models of individual clients.
About Freeway Holidays
Freeway Holidays is a trading entity within Freeway International Traders , a division of the Freeway Motor Dealers established in 1981 that facilitates Travel Worldwide. The Freeway Group employs more than 100 people, controls assets in excess of R100 million and has an annual turnover in surplus of R500 million.
The foundation of Freeway Group is built on the attitude of exceptional customer service. These fundamental principles are passed on to each employee. Our attention to customer service is at the core of our business principles. Our convenient and secure online reservation system makes reserving your clients next holiday a pleasure.
Our Brands and products
1.Freeway Holidays
Online Travel reservation system
2.Freeway Travel
Offline packages dedicated to the leisure market
3.Freeway Ticketing
Wholesalers and consolidators of Airline tickets
4.Freeway Toyota
One of Southern Africas largest independently owned Toyota Franchise
5.Goldreef Multifranchise
Franchise for Kia, Tata, Daihatsu and proton
Our Mission
Freeway Groups mission has always been to become South Africa's chosen B2B online travel wholesaler for the smart agent. We strive to accomplish this by conducting our business with honesty, unparalleled professionalism and delivering exceptional service.
Organizational values
In all personal and business dealings, Freeway Group has set itself high ethical and moral standards, providing strategic guidance to all businesses and individuals in the freeway group. This group is committed to providing a safe and clean working environment for all its employees and encourages personal staff development through training and programs. Every staff member is expected to a good citizen in their communities and display the high moral and ethical behaviour that is sought after by many companies and is awarded by management.
Affirmative Action Policy
The Freeway Group is a South African Black Empowerment entity and is proud to be part of the transformation process. Our management is committed to fair business with the promotion and engendering of its employees, creating a distinct moral philosophy in the everyday workplace

We are a 100% BEE and a level 3 Contributor
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